Funny story…

I once put fire to my shorts in a hotel in Oslo and the alarm went of. My shorts where hanging on a floor-lamp and I was running around trying to find the source of the smoke (and consequently failing to do so) when the alarm went off. I find the smoking garment and pour water on it. It’s barely smouldering. But at this point all hell has broken loose and the guy in the reception is coming with a yellow safety vest on and is wondering what the hell is going on. I have opened the door and the windows in the room (which is located on the 5’th floor). It smells like burnt sugar for some reason. I am starting to notice that they are evacuating the hotel and that I’m not wearing any pants. Any way… I explain what has happened to the guy from the hotel, but the fire-department is already on the way. And like 2 minutes later there a fireman with full gear on asking if I have inhaled smoke and if I need to see a doctor. My colleagues thought I was a idiot. The day after this my bos accidentally threw a apple in the head of a Norwegian guy. My fuck-up still took the cake.



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